Participation Requirements


Participation fee

The participation fee is 200 UAH. It includes publication in a conference materials collection, a participant's certificate

The bank details for payment:

ESMC “Transservis” at IPPKK UkrSURT, 7-A, Feuerbach Square, Kharkiv, Ukraine, USREOU code: 30534001, ІВАN № UA693003460000026002024478401, PJSC “ALFA-BANK”, MFO: 300346. Details of payment – “Participation in AVT-2021”, the SURNAME of participant.


Paper submission

For publication, participants should submit their papers to the Conference Secretariat before August 31, 2021. The papers should not exceed two pages in formats Surname.doc and Surname.pdf in one of the languages of the conference (Ukrainian, Russian and English).

Text materials should be written using Microsoft Word for Windows, 14 pt font size, Times New Roman font, single line spacing, 7-mm indention, and built-in editor for formulas. Top, bottom, left and right margins should be 20 mm each.

The authors are responsible for the content of the thesis.


  1. The title of the paper (with bold capital letters).
  2. The authors (scientific ranks, initials, surname with bold italic).
  3. The name of the organization (city) they represent (with italic).
  4. The body of the paper.



Manuscript submission


Materials of research works by specialists of railway transport and industry in the following specialties are accepted for publication:

131 – Applied mechanics;
132 – Science of material,
133 – Sector machine building,
144 – Heat power engineering,
192 – Building and civil engineering,
193 – Surveying and land management,
273 – Railway Transport,
275 – Transportation Technology.

The Proceedings are included in category "B" of the List of Ukrainian Scientific Professional Periodicals, in which the results of theses for obtaining the scientific degrees of doctor of sciences and candidate of sciences (PhD) can be published (Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 1643 dd. Dec. 28, 2019). All articles accepted for publication in the Proceedings will be checked for academic plagiarism.
Therefore, the editorial board of the "Proceedings of the Ukrainian State University of Railway Transport" asks authors who wish to publish their articles in the Proceedings to be guided by the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for scientific articles published in professional periodicals.
Articles that fail to meet these requirements will not be accepted for publication in the Proceedings.

1. The structure of articles.

UDC (in the upper left corner); The title of the article is printed in capital letters in normal font in 2 languages (Ukrainian and English). Authors (academic title, initials, last name) in 2 languages (Ukrainian and English). Abstract should be in 2 languages (Ukrainian and English). Please begin with the word «Анотація» (or “Abstract”) followed by the text of the abstract immediately after the full stop. If the article is written in Ukrainian, then the abstract in English must be at least 1800 characters, the abstract in Ukrainian should be at least 50 words. If the article is written in English, then the abstract in Ukrainian must be at least 1800 characters, the abstract in English should be at least 50 words. Keywords in 2 languages (Ukrainian and English) should include up to 10 words (after each abstract). Please start with «Ключові слова» (or “Keywords”) followed by the keywords separated by commas.

Sections of the article:

Introduction. In the introduction you can specify to which branch of science (industry) the studies referred to in the article belong, as well as substantiate the relevance of the problem solved by the author;

Analysis of recent studies and publications that have addressed the respective issue by other researchers, pointing out the parts of the general problem that have not been solved yet and are addressed in this article. It is strongly recommended to include in the analysis as recent sources as possible; at least 50% of the publications reviewed in this section should be published in the past 10 years. Sources that contain information about research not only by domestic, but also foreign scientists should be included in the review. Be sure to consider, analyze, and include in the reference list publication on the topic of the study (a few publications from different sources are advisable), published in periodicals indexed by scientometric databases Scopus or Web of Science, including foreign authors (referring to such sources should not be formal!). Referring to more than 2 sources without specifying their results and comparing them with the current scientific level is not allowed.

Statement of the purpose and objectives of the study. This section should clearly state the purpose of the article and provide a mandatory list of the problems that it solves.

Main body. The methodology of the conducted research is described and the obtained results are presented. Examples of practical solutions (results of experiments, graphs, diagrams, etc.) are provided that are sufficient to evaluate the adequacy of the proposed theoretical solutions and their practical relevance. The material in the main body of the article should be new, obtained by the authors of the article in conducting their own research. Including a significant amount of previously known theoretical provisions, formulas, drawings, etc. is not allowed. The calculations and simulations should be accompanied by baseline data, references to the methodologies used, and results together with their detailed analysis and assessment of adequacy. The main body of the article may be divided into structural units in accordance with the tasks set by the authors in the previous section, the names of the units being printed in italics.

Conclusions. The obtained results of the study are summarized and the current prospects for further work in this area are presented. The points of the conclusions are given in accordance with the tasks in the section “Statement of the purpose and objectives of the study”. In order to substantiate the significance of the results obtained, it is reasonable to compare them with similar ones obtained previously by domestic and foreign researchers (if possible).

domestic and foreign researchers (if possible). Reference list with a mandatory reference to them in the text of the article [1]. Bibliographic entries should be formatted according to DSTU 8302:2015 “Information and documentation. Bibliographic reference. General rules of drawing up”. The reference list provides information about the author in 2 languages (Ukrainian and English): last name, first name, patronymic, degree, title, department, division and full name of the organization where the author works or studies. ORCID iD. Tel. Email. The authors are responsible for the content of the article, the accuracy and quality of the translation. Review articles must comply with all of the above requirements and must have a minimum of 10 printed sheets (maximum volume is not limited) to be admitted to the Proceedings.

2. Text format guidelines:

Text materials are prepared and printed using MS Word computer text editors, versions "for Windows 2003" and later. Font must be 14 pt, Times New Roman, line spacing 1, single-columned. Insert formulas using a built-in formula editor (MathType). Tables can be prepared using electronic spreadsheet programs (MS Excel) or a built-in MS Word spreadsheet editor. All margins must be set 20 mm. All paragraphs of the text should be indented 1.25 mm. The spacing before and after paragraphs should be 0 pt.The text in paragraphs must be justified without automatic hyphenation and without column layout.Drawings in .jpq format should be inserted in the text of the article and have the appropriate figure captions (Fig.1. …..). Formulas, figures, and tables should be separated from the main text by a blank line above and below.

All papers should be written using Microsoft Office Word, Times New Roman font, 14 pt font size, single line spacing, formulas should be created with the MathType, tables should be created with MS Excel).

Figures to the text should be created in the jpg format. Margins (top, bottom, left and right) should be 20mm each. The figures should be indicated as Fig.1 (under the figure).

3. The following shall be submitted to the editorial office

1. The electronic version of the article is sent to the editorial board’s e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or submitted to the research department of UkrSURT on an electronic carrier (USB flash drive).
2. Either a scanned copy of the author's consent or a copyright agreement (as the authors choose) to printing the article and placing it in the UkrSURT repository. The copyright agreement and the author's consent forms the can be downloaded from the official site of the UkrSURT repository at
The cost of publishing an article in the “Proceedings of UkrSURT” is UAH 30 for one A4 printed page. The fee amount is calculated based on the total number of pages. Payment is made after the article has been peer-reviewed, formally edited, checked for plagiarism and accepted for printing. The author will be informed of the payment details and the exact fee by the person responsible for the preparation of the Proceedings for printing